1. All the 11s of today

    From Nathaniel Otting

    From Kylie Gilchrist

    From Nathaniel Otting

    The Louise Bourgeois Red clocks in Love Dog that Nathaniel photographed for me tonight at 11:11

    All these 11s texted throughout the day came to 11 in my inbox when I emailed them to myself to post this.


  2. I have approached a degree of love that is so unwise in one world that it is wisdom in another.


  3. Case in point


  4. My whole life has become some version of 11


  5. -Syndromes and a Century, 2006


  6. Coming and going

    -The Passenger, 1975


  7. -Animal House, 1978


  8. “My capacity for having a good time exists.”

    -Speedboat, Renata Adler


  9. Night Moves, 1975


  10. Was it the blue night