1. Yesterday my Semiotexte publisher and I discussed love and sex over the phone. I told him about OK Cupid, which I’ve never used. And won’t use. He told me about Grindr. He said: “I have too much respect for language to use something like that for sex. You grind meat, or your hips. You don’t grind people.”

    I like people who do things, or don’t do things, on principle.


  2. People have no real feelings that endure anymore.

    Did they ever?


  3. -Paris, Texas 1984


  4. Blue grip

    -Wittgenstein, Derek Jarman


  5. Lovers longing and drifting apart. The Unsinkable Molly Brown, 1964


  6. Last walk, last night, last look

  7. It’s taken me my entire life to fully admit to myself, and others, how deeply I love-hate Jaws. I can’t get over it. It’s one of the most important films to me because it contains nearly all the tropes of my life and work. Everything, too, is in that real ocean. That pro-filmic, pre-digital ocean. The ultimate mise en scene.


    Jaws (original 1975 trailer)

    Go deeper:

    Jaws: The Inside Story (Bio; 90 minutes)

    In the Teeth of Jaws (BBC documentary)


  8. -Hilton Als, You and Whose Army?


  9. Wanted to reblog this post of mine, as these thoughts/points still really resonate. I am also thinking of particular people for whom if these points do not resonate to the core, they should.


    Adam Phillips, one of my favorite writers, in his new book, Missing Out:

    1. “…what was not possible all too easily becomes the story of our lives.”

    2. And—something that Avital Ronell (my teacher) also says—if someone doesn’t rattle you, it is not a real relation….


  10. "much later i realized that a person’s attitude to pain reveals more about his future than almost any other sign i know."
    — christa wolf, cassandra. (via batarde)

    (via karaj)