1. Flyer for Love Sounds (which I designed with my friend Morgan Vo)


  2. I was at this New School talk and tweeted this when I heard West say this to hooks. It was so great.

    Today’s rampant narcissism as self-esteem/empowerment versus the love, risk, empathy, vulnerability, and soul of the blues and soul songs of the past.


    That great, happy little moment in this talk when Cornel West says that “Try a Little Tenderness” is not the same as “Say My Name” and bell hooks is so delighted by the statement that she has to reach out and touch his hand in agreement.




    And West talks about the courage of…


  3. Broken English, 2007


  4. "I’m trying to think love with movies."

    Filmmaker Isiah Media in an email to me about his work


  5. Love Sounds, a 24 hour audio history of love in cinema, will have its first screening at Spectacle theater in New York City on November 4 (Part 1) & 5 (Part 2). The screening will be of the 4 hour cut.

    More information here

    Public Facebook invite here

    Project info here


  6. Poem for Love Sounds:

    This day has a look,

    Earlier, I thought,

    “I have to listen my whole life.”

    As I am certain and not.
    Job never sinned from his lips. Job
    never sinned of his teeth.

    -Aisha Sasha John, Thou


  7. You can either have what you picture or you can have what you need.


  8. -Claudine Rankine, Citizen


  9. "We hear, then we remember."

    -James Baldwin


  10. -Godard, Le gai savoir