1. -The Panic in Needle Park, 1971


  2. -Cruising, 1979


  3. Beloveds are always the first thing we see even when we don’t know we’re seeing them. Beloveds seen out of the corners of our eyes.

    -New York, New York, 1977


  4. Spectres


  5. Kathy Acker: “You’ve got to beg.”


  6. -Nashville, 1975


  7. -The Deer Hunter, 1978


  8. About you


  9. “You launch your voice, it dies away in the vault.”



  10. Last Monday I saw another cement heart in the rain while waiting for my mother to return the rental car. My initials were inside of it. It felt like Sunday all day as I stood in front of that street heart and felt outside of it.