1. "Everywhere I look, I see people writing about me. I find this completely unmarxist concentration on a single individual very harmful. It is wrong, undesirable and unnecessary. And as for these portraits! They are all over the place! What’s the point of it all?"

    -Lenin (quoted by Margarita Tupitsyn in The Moscow Vanguard Art: 1922-1992, forthcoming with Yale University Press)

    *This might as well be a critique of celebrity and American capitalism.


  2. I get to do this every night upstate. I don’t want to go home.


  3. -A.I. Artificial Intelligence, 2001


  4. "It is incredible to read, in this age, a letter by a writer whose use of ego serves to protect, not inform, her work."

    Hilton Als on Flannery O’Connor’s letter about her first prospective publisher/book.

    It’s even more incredible in this age.


  5. -Wings of Desire, 1987


  6. "For ten years I felt the pain on the page…I thought I was learning how to defeat the black. The red was anger stupid and you apologize…Don’t hurt anybody’s feelings."

    -The Fast, Hannah Weiner

    It’s fun to read all day again. It really is a cure-all.

    Reading—for hours—on the porch upstate is the only thing that makes me feel better. Gets my mind off things, because my mind is literally always on things.

    That and drinking chilled white wine as the sun softens and day gets ready for night.


  7. Love Dog Notebook Archive


  8. "Because missing is missing. It’s the same pain for everyone."

    -The Sad Passions, Veronica Gonzalez


  9. I laid in my childhood park for 30 min yesterday because the weather is never like this in New York in the summer—cool, dry, summer breeze. I laid down on the grass, wind in my hair, taking a break, and took this photo because it felt so good, was so simple, and I wanted to remember it.


  10. Gareth Simms made this playlist of Love Dog songs on Spotify.