1. -Hilton Als, You and Whose Army?


  2. Wanted to reblog this post of mine, as these thoughts/points still really resonate. I am also thinking of particular people for whom if these points do not resonate to the core, they should.


    Adam Phillips, one of my favorite writers, in his new book, Missing Out:

    1. “…what was not possible all too easily becomes the story of our lives.”

    2. And—something that Avital Ronell (my teacher) also says—if someone doesn’t rattle you, it is not a real relation….


  3. "much later i realized that a person’s attitude to pain reveals more about his future than almost any other sign i know."
    — christa wolf, cassandra. (via batarde)

    (via karaj)


  4. Some of Nietzsche’s 10 rules on style in writing. The following are very dear to me. In particular, I would be nothing if I did not feel what I think and think what I feel.

    Collected under the heading “Toward the Teaching of Style”

    1. Of prime necessity is life: a style should live.
    2. Style should be suited to the specific person with whom you wish to communicate. (The law of mutual relation.)
    3. First, one must determine precisely “what-and-what do I wish to say and present,” before you may write.
    4. The richness of life reveals itself through a richness of gestures. One must learn to feel everything — the length and retarding of sentences, interpunctuations, the choice of words, the pausing, the sequence of arguments — like gestures.
    7. Style ought to prove that one believes in an idea; not only that one thinks it but also feels it.
    9. Strategy on the part of the good writer of prose consists of choosing his means for stepping close to poetry but never stepping into it.


  5. The part in Frances where Frances says, “I look at these people and I wonder if anybody really loves anybody.”

    I wonder the same. Maybe I’m better off.


  6. "Everywhere I look, I see people writing about me. I find this completely unmarxist concentration on a single individual very harmful. It is wrong, undesirable and unnecessary. And as for these portraits! They are all over the place! What’s the point of it all?"

    -Lenin (quoted by Margarita Tupitsyn in The Moscow Vanguard Art: 1922-1992, forthcoming with Yale University Press)

    *This might as well be a critique of celebrity and American capitalism.


  7. I get to do this every night upstate. I don’t want to go home.


  8. -A.I. Artificial Intelligence, 2001


  9. "It is incredible to read, in this age, a letter by a writer whose use of ego serves to protect, not inform, her work."

    Hilton Als on Flannery O’Connor’s letter about her first prospective publisher/book.

    It’s even more incredible in this age.


  10. -Wings of Desire, 1987