1. pennyante:

    Now a full year into its release, we asked author Masha Tupitsyn to co-organize a series of Instagram posts for the month of September sampling her book Love Dog’s visual, audio and written components. This starts next week under (Instagram hashtag) #lovedogimageseries



  2. Here I am I never know what’s good for me Here I go Don’t let me go Hold me down Help me, darling Help me please I don’t know what’s good for me Do you know what I really need? Do you know what I really need? I need love love love love love

    This song is destinal ecstacy


  3. For some reason this opening landscape shot from Murphy’s Romance (1985) is so 80s to me. You see it in so many early Spielberg films. That shot, that color, that America, that tells you everything is possible. That horizon is hope. And story. Etel Adnan: “We project our longings on the horizon’s precarious line.”


  4. Marisa Tomei’s hair in Unhook The Stars is so great. And so 90s. So actually messy. In the 90s, women had androgynous personality hair, now you we have hair that is so manicured, so hyperfeminized, it hides personality and conveys all sexual politic.


  5. "… It felt like the bright green pain on the bad side. I couldn’t always see these colors and I didn’t know they were the colors of energy. I thought the purple was transferable. All the colors were. I was so frustrated and wanted so much to see all the time, I thought it would be simpler to see and to know rather than ask questions and try to figure out the answer. Sometimes I questioned the energy and I would pick up something it gave a negative on and would get a shock of energy. The clear ones, I discovered, were blue. I didn’t know that blue, which was the equivalent of the green in intensity but was the flame that did not burn, was the color of high energy. When the purple and red and green were gone the blue was the purified energy. I thought white was the highest manifestation and yellow or gold the physical manifestation of the clear light; and the pale pastels came next; the pink and green and the pale clear blue. So the energy would point out what I could use and I would use it."

    -Hannah Weiner, The Fast


  6. "I also discovered that black entered in one’s weakest places."

    -Hannah Weiner, The Fast


  7. -Miami Vice, 2006


  8. -Jeff Bridges waking up in Jagged Edge, 1985


  9. "Biography explains nothing, but it’s fun to tell these stories."

    -Hilton Als, White Girls


  10. Yesterday my Semiotexte publisher and I discussed love and sex over the phone. I talked about OK Cupid, which I’ve never used. And won’t use. He talked about Grindr. He said: “I have too much respect for language to use something like that for sex. You grind meat, or your hips. You don’t grind people.”

    I like people who do things, or don’t do things, on principle.