1. -Interview with a Vampire, 1994


  2. This is for all the people (which is most people) who say they don’t care what someone does, what kind of person someone is—only what’s on the page, only what’s in view, only what gets said by the right people to the right people:

    “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.”

    -James Baldwin

    Which is to say:

    "To think is not to contemplate, it’s to witness."

    -Etel Adnan


  3. -The Fifth Element, 1998


  4. My piece on Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette for Entropy.


  5. "Caught a ghost smile slipping out the door fast
    There’s no guarantee he said and then he left”


  6. Etel Adnan wrote a book for the Documenta series called The Cost for Love We are Not Willing to Pay. The title might as well be a (exemplary) text itself. Derrida said a title is also a promise. A promise also the cost of something. Mourning the price for living. In Adnan’s case, the title is about the breaking of promises or a world (people) that refuses to make any promises to anyone. Love being the most important promise of all. Nietzsche thought this was a good thing because everyone breaks a promise. Promises are made to be broken. But I think you can work (the work of love, not just the love of work) every day not to break something. Someone. This is all a promise ever really is: vigilance. Holding vigil. Keeping vigil.


  7. "But when this girl’s made up her mind
    she’s made up her mind
    made up her mind
    no turning back
    no wasting time
    don’t we all want to be stars in love
    stop playin’ with the one that you love

    Empty bottles, where to go next
    knowing what you truly missed
    it’s too late, can’t rewind it
    now you’re left with names to forget
    tryin’ to heal from the pain
    if only you could rewind it
    would not have acted the same”


  8. "In this circular room it’s time to take a break, we entered it, so we have to stay, we can take a break from all this but we can’t go, the coming century will disclose love’s failure."

    -Etel Adnan, There


  9. witchblues:

    Machinedrum Remix of ‘Runnin’ from the Kelis album ‘Food’, released 21 April 2014 on Ninja Tune



  10. Men are Retarded and women are from Venus.