1. A Note About Dog And Crab: Or, The Parable That Is My Life

    From Elaine:

    “Couldn’t believe this graffiti I saw in our neighborhood, Kreuzberg. It has multiple meanings.

    First it is just means:

    Crab Dog

    Which, already, !!!!

    Also means:

    Cancer Dog

    And cancer can mean both the sign and the illness.

    But krebbs hund could also be a way of saying like “bloody cancer” so it’s also likely to be someone fighting cancer who’s cursing it.

    Could also be someone in love with a cancer and cursing that person. Multiple interpretations through mysterious wordplay… Crab, dog…”

    In another message, minutes later, Elaine sends me a video of some wall graffiti at a park and writes this:

    "Hopefully this video is short enough to manage email sending; the graffiti says on one side:


    And on the other side in response it says ‘yourself,’ as in, ‘no, you are.” D

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