1. The Perhaps In Which I See You Coming

    Love is what you already know and don’t know yet.

    Derrida in The Politics of Friendship:

    "The arrivant will arrive perhaps, for one must never be sure when it comes to arrivance, but the arrivant could also be the perhaps itself, the unheard-of, totally new experience of the perhaps. Unheard-of, totally new, that very experience which no metaphysician might yet have dared to think. Now, the thought of the ‘perhaps’ perhaps engages the only possible thought of the event—of friendship to come and friendship for the future. For to love friendship, it is not enough to know how to bear the other in mourning: one must love the future. And there is no more just category for the future than that of the ‘perhaps.’ Such a thought conjoins friendship, the future, and the perhaps to open on to the coming of what comes—that is to say, necessarily in the regime of a possible whose possibilization must prevail over the impossible. For a possible that would only be possible (non-impossible), a possible surely and certainly possible, accessible in advance, would be a poor possible, a futureless possible, a possible already set aside, so to speak, life-assured. This would be a programme or a causality, a development, a process without an event…What would a future be if the decision were able to be programmed, and if the risk (l’aléa), the uncertainty, the unstable certainty, the inassurance of the ‘perhaps’, were not suspended on it at the opening of what comes, flush with the event, within it and with an open heart” (my emphasis).

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