1. Girl Trouble

    Tiqqun’s Theory of The Young-Girl is about the feminization of misogyny and Capital in order to perpetuate misogyny. Thus, not only turning everything into Capital, but all Capital into the generic form (face) of Girl. Everything and everyone becomes subjugated and subjugatable. Making it: Sexism is for Everybody (the inverse of bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody) and Everybody is Sexist(ism). But Young-Girl is also very French in its chauvinistic deconstructive objectification of misogyny and Girlization. The feminine is always abject and pathetic, so the root of all degradation, abjection, and social crisis—even its critique—must necessarily take the figure of the Girl.

    “At the present hour, humanity, reformatted by the Spectacle and biopolitically neutralized, still thinks it’s fooling someone by calling itself ‘citizen.’ Women’s magazines breathe new life into a nearly-hundred-year-old wrong by finally offering their equivalent to males. All the old figures of patriarchal authority, from statesmen to bosses and cops, have become Young-Girlified, every last one of them, even the Pope.’”

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