1. Love Versus Approval

    I read the following quote by bell hooks years ago when I read All About Love and Communion back to back. But today, reading it again, it is even more relevant, as I walk around feeling heartbroken over this truth: that people—men and women—don’t choose love. For women this means something endlessly devastating, divisive, and regressive. For men this means choosing to be with women that allow them to maintain gender stereotypes and sexist paradigms. For me it means that I have always chosen love, feminism, and friendship with women over male approval, and this has not led to lasting love.

    “Women who learn to love represent the greatest threat to the patriarchal status quo. By failing to love, women make it clear that it is more vital to their existence to have the approval and support of men than it is to love.”

    bell hooks, Communion

    (via http://lookerlooker.tumblr.com/)

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