1. Houses, palaces, skyscrapers (a footnote to LACONIA)


    Marcello Mastroianni:

    The more the world changes, the more it stays the same.
    Houses, palaces, skyscrapers. And in the middle…An old
    story like ours.

    Sophia Loren:

    It’s an ‘old story’ because you want it to be old. There are
    skyscrapers in America, too. And inside those skyscrapers
    there are old stories. That’s not the problem. The problem
    is that our hearts used to be so big…And now (she holds
    up a tiny rock) look how small they are. Here.

    -Marriage Italian Style, 1964


    “The promised view and brightness rarely coincide with reality.
    I’m convinced that separations, divorces, domestic violence, the
    excess of cable TV stations, the lack of communication, listless-
    ness, apathy, depression, suicide, neuroses, panic attacks, obesity,
    tenseness, insecurity, hypochondria, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle,
    are attributable to architects and builders.”

    -Medianeras (Sidewalls), 2011